Homeowner Testimonials

Tricia Siegler
Tricia Siegler5 ★Sunday, December 17th, 2017 at 3:51pm

My husband and I are celebrating 1 year in our new home that CA Homes built for us. We are very satisfied with the quality of the construction and energy efficiency of the home. We’re very happy with the results! Thank you CA Homes for our forever home!

Rita Carrow
Rita Carrow5 ★Friday, March 10th, 2017 at 6:28am

Thank you Chris, Kim, John -- & everyone at CA Homes. We took ownership of our new home today. This is the 4th home we've built over the past 33 years, & our experience with everyone at CA Homes is by far the best! Wonderful work, very responsive builders who went the extra mile. The attention to detail is SO nice! Chris gave us a schedule & told us months in advance when the final walk through would be -- & it happened on the day he said! We couldn't be happier!!!

Kathleen Scott
Kathleen Scott5 ★Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 at 8:30am

Our CA build home is as beautiful as it is solidly built.

Our experience with Chris during the house build was not only professional but
also had the personal touch.
Chris helped us with modifications and upgrades that normally would have not been done by another builder. He was very responsive to our wants and ideas.

We have already recommended CA Homes to 2 of our friends who are interested in moving to WA.

I would buy a CA Homes built residence again.

Barry & Kathleen Scott.

Andrew Noble
Andrew Noble5 ★Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 at 1:09pm

Finding the right builder for us was a difficult process. We really needed someone who cared about our input, was understanding to our needs, and was within our budget and time frame. As we started to meet with builders, we felt like building might not be the right choice…

That was until we met CA Homes. We knew when we first walked in that Chris would be the one to build our home. There are multiple reasons why we would recommend CA Homes. Here are a few:

1. Pre-Sold Spec Home Package that allowed us to build our home without a large deposit.

2. A dream lot in a beautiful new subdivision.

3. Beautiful home designs with elegant finishes and ecofriendly upgrades.

4. Constant reassurance that building a home didn’t need to be stressful!

5. Answering late night texts replying to random questions.

6. Quick building time! Seriously, the house was completed in only 3 months!!!

7. Constant updating of construction process with meetings, texts, phone calls and pictures.

8. Less expensive than other builders without sacrificing quality.

9. Reputable sub-contractors.

We would recommend CA Homes to all our family and friends. In fact there are some lots available by us 😉

Thank you CA Homes for our beautiful house!!!

MariEllen Stever
MariEllen Stever5 ★Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 4:39am

Chris built our house for us 5 years ago and we love it now just as much as when we first moved in and still get so many compliments! Chris is a wonderful human being and CA homes is a class act!

Jacob Bower
Jacob Bower5 ★Saturday, February 7th, 2015 at 5:04am

From the first time we sat down with Chris from CA homes it felt like a good fit and the right builder to go with. To start with all we had was a want list and a somewhat idea of what we wanted layout wise, Chris turned that into house plans. Then came all the tweaks and plan changes we wanted (and there were several) each one was meet with a "sure we can do that" or a "no problem". In the end we got exactly what we wanted. We are still in the beginning phase of building but so far it has been a great experience and we are excited to see the final result be built!

UPDATE:Wanted to do a mid build follow-up to this review. We are well underway with the house build and things continue to be nothing short of a great experience. Communication has been very good, updates, pictures, walkthrough ect. Picking kitchen cabinets, granit, flooring, and carpet was nice and stress free. Things have popped up that we had forgotten or decided we wanted to add mid build. All were taken care of and with a no big deal type attitude. So we remain just as happy mid build as were during the planning stage. I highly recomend Chris and CAhomes for anyone looking to build.
So the house is now finished and we are 90% moved in and currently stayin there. The whole process was smooth...

Isaac Gautschi
Isaac Gautschi5 ★Saturday, January 17th, 2015 at 8:55am

Tim Iverson
Tim Iverson5 ★Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 12:30am

Bob & Nancy Dachtler

“Contracting Chris Anderson to build our new home in Port Angeles was one of the best decisions we made when we moved to the Olympic Peninsula. An honest businessman, who understands the concept of “Customer Service”, he fulfilled his promises to us regarding his performance in meeting schedule-dates, in workmanship & quality, & professionalism. We could not have been more satisfied and would definitely recommend Chris Anderson to anyone building a new home.”

Bill Gilbertson

“Chris built my home here in Sequim; I can state that he managed the project with exceptional professionalism. He took my napkin sketches, turned them into blue prints that resulted in an ideal home for me. Most importantly the construction met my expectations, he personally kept me informed with frequent periodic written progress reports on both costs and schedules that met projected timelines. The home was completed on-time and best of all under budget. You bet I would recommend Chris Anderson to anyone building a new home; his prospective customers are free to call me.”

Bob Osann and Mary Fasching

“While we were designing our house, we interviewed a number of builders and visited completed homes and those under construction to understand each builder’s process and build quality. In the spring of 2009, we chose four builders to bid on our specification and plans. C Anderson homes was one chosen to bid. While two builders came back with comparable bids at the low end of what we received, we chose Chris Anderson to build our home because he had contributed the most to our understanding of the issues involved with our specifications, and had also provided the most insight into how we could achieve a better home at a reasonable price. Our contract with C Anderson Homes provided us with the confidence that the total cost would not exceed the absolute maximum set out in the contract for the specification and plans we provided. In fact, Chris’s goal throughout the process was to wherever possible spend less money than budgeted while still achieving the desired results and quality. Chris told us there may very well be money left in the budget when the project was finished. We were skeptical on this, however were very pleasantly surprised when there was a noticeable amount left in the bank account at the end. Upgrades are common on any custom home project and ours was no exception. However, the money we saved on the base budget paid for almost half of our upgrade costs. In the end, we had a beautiful home that exceeded our expectations and construction was accomplished at a very reasonable price. We believe the methods and quality of Chris’s building style that were acquired while building high-end homes in Bellevue played a strong role in making this all possible.

We were living in California during the entire building process, and only visited the building site three times between the point we started and when the home was 90% complete. A large number of emails went back and forth, and where design elements not defined in the spec or plans were being refined along the way, sketches and drawings were sent in both directions. We told Chris we had some unusual ideas for the fireplace designs and the entertainment system enclosures/cabinets, and when it came time to flush these out Chris was very cooperative and worked through what were in some cases very intricate details and desires. Each of these items turned out better than we had expected. Also, it is typical for custom home that the selection of fixtures (lights, faucets, etc.) is a difficult and tedious process for the homeowner. Here, Chris made suggestions that made the process enormously easier. The selection of tile for bathrooms and entryways can be a challenge, and again Chris’s suggestions made the process easier – the result exceeding our expectations. Regarding colors for painting, we found Chris has an extremely good feel for this. While we had a basic color plan in mind, it was refined and improved with Chris’s help.

Overall, our house took less than 10 months to build in spite of the fact that is quite large compared to most homes in the area. We were very pleased with the overall process and our dealings with Chris. We would recommend him highly and if we ever had to build another home on the Peninsula, we would go directly to Chris and not bother with bids from other builders, knowing we were going to get the lowest possible price and achieve our quality goals.”

Ted & Mari Ellen Stever

“Working with Chris at C. Anderson Homes & Development was truly a pleasure which exceeded our expectations. C. Anderson Homes & Development’s business profile was a perfect fit for us. It kept us current with actual cost, affording us to stay on budget without any unexpected surprises.

Building a custom home while living out of state with the restrictions of not being on the job site had its initial concerns and anxieties. After concluding numerous meetings with Chris our concerns and anxieties were totally dismissed. We followed the construction process on C. Anderson’s web-site which was updated with each phase. It was as though we were on the job-site with a bonus; we could share the progress with our family and friends.

The communication with Chris during the entire process was extraordinarily good; he kept us up to date on every aspect of the construction process with terminology and explanations a layman could understand. His ideas and suggestions to alter some design options from our original plan turned out to be wonderful recommendations that enhanced the beauty of our home.

C. Anderson Home’s integrity, attention to detail, standard for perfection, reliability, developing a personal relationship and follow through after completion all contributed to making our home building experience fun & enjoyable.

Working with Chris Anderson as our home builder, turned out to be an excellent choice. We love our home!”